Your Future Can Be Told By The Words You Say

Sour grapes

Have you heard the term “sour grapes”? A person’s behavior, expression, or opinion can be termed “sour grapes” when the person is angry because they haven’t or aren’t getting what they want when they want it.

Matilda had often been referred to as “sour grapes” by her co-workers and especially…

What does God’s Word say about “calling things that are not as though they were?” Is Speaking God’s Word Biblical or not?

In my last article, ‘How Does Real Faith Compare to Mental Assent,” some wondered if I was espousing the doctrine that has been labeled “name it and claim it,” or “blab it and grab it” or “Prosperity Gospel.”

The answer is “absolutely no.” We could all argue points and principles…

Steve, I used to write for Live Your Life On Purpose. I stopped writing on Medium because I had another job to complete. I am back on Medium and would like to write for your publication again. Thank you for your consideration.

And What Some Think and Teach

We read stories in the Bible about people being healed and wonder if divine healing is still available today. Some teach that it was only for Bible times. Others teach that it’s not always God’s will to heal. So, it may not be God’s will to heal me. Some pastors…

Coronavirus Couldn’t Take Me Out

Remember when all this Coronavirus mess started a year ago? The fake news would show rows of bodies in ER with Coronavirus; rows of bodies on ventilators. With all the news, fake or otherwise, you really didn’t know what to believe; the stats, the stories, or the pictures.

With the…

Dena Warfield

Writer & Classical Musician: Using faith in God to weave truth into stories that help with personal struggles. &

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